The entities covered by this policy are:

Moray & Agnew Sydney (ABN 76 486 092 631)
Moray & Agnew Melbourne (ABN 51 537 426 182)
Moray & Agnew Brisbane (ABN 45 530 630 331)
Moray & Agnew Canberra (ABN 57 703 561 653)
Moray & Agnew Newcastle (ABN 35 262 692 173)
Moray & Agnew Perth (ABN 49 831 870 580)
Morlaw & Associates (Sydney) (ABN 17 242 949 924)
Morlaw & Associates (Melbourne) (ABN 44 790 757 387)
Morlaw & Associates (Brisbane) (ABN 39 559 257 496)
Morlaw & Associates (Canberra) (ABN 90 293 566 083)
Morlaw & Associates (Newcastle) (ABN 24 162 764 006)
Morlaw Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 52 093 121 638)
Morlaw Holdings (VIC) Pty Limited (ABN 14 105 892 386)
Morlaw Holdings (Qld) Pty Ltd (ABN 95 096 437 679)
Morlaw Holdings (ACT) Pty Ltd (ABN 89 117 987 201)
Morlaw Holdings (Newcastle) Pty Ltd (ABN 24 117 873 962)

Collectively referred to as “Moray & Agnew”.  Our principal places of business are identified on our website:

How we protect your personal information. At Moray & Agnew we are committed to ensuring the privacy of the personal information provided to us, either in written form or electronically. The following statement sets out our general policy for the protection of such privacy.

We are bound by the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which form part of the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) as amended.

Under the Act we are exempt from the application of the Australian Privacy Principles as to disclosing certain personal information we hold which is subject to our own, or our clients’, existing or anticipated legal dispute proceedings, which may prejudice negotiations, or which would be unlawful to disclose.  If we refuse to give access we will provide reasons for our refusal.

On request we will provide additional information about the way Moray & Agnew manages the personal information we hold.  We can be contacted in the following ways:

–  you can write to us:
Privacy Officer
Moray & Agnew
GPO Box 3925

–  you can email us:
–  you can phone us:   +61 2 9234 4636

When dealing with us, we generally store the minimum personal information about individuals required to effectively manage our business relationship (for example name, title, phone number, email, and street address).  However, depending on the services engaged by our clients, we may also need to hold specific or sensitive information about individuals, including third parties.  Generally it will not be possible to deal with us anonymously, due to the nature of our services.  We will however respect confidentiality in all dealings with us.

Some of the types of information we may hold about individuals include:

  • Information provided to us when clients instruct us to act for them, including information about third parties for use in current or anticipated litigation in which our clients are, or may be, involved;
  • Information provided when another service is requested from us (such as an invitation to attend a seminar), including name, title and contact details (phone number, email, street address);
  • Information which you have willingly provided to us in connection with applying for a job

We will not ask to collect sensitive information about individuals (such as details of race, political beliefs, religion or health) unless it is needed for the purposes of providing legal advice.  In most cases, if personal information we request is not provided, we may not be able to supply the relevant advice or service.

We may also collect some information through our website,  The only personal information which we collect is what users specifically tell us about themselves, for example, by completing an online form or information provided to us by email, including email addresses.  If you apply for a job or view job vacancies online, you will be directed via a link to another website which is managed by a third party Thompson Reuters (Professional) Australia Ltd ( the use of which is not covered by this privacy policy.  Thompson Reuters have their own privacy policy on their website and you should review and accept that separately before proceeding to submit any confidential information.  If you opt to make a credit card payment from our client payment option you will likewise be re-directed to a secure Westpac website and will be bound by Westpac’s privacy principles (we do not collect or store any credit card details). We cannot accept any responsibility for information submitted by you to third parties.

We hold personal information for the following purposes:

  • To send correspondence and generally to undertake work in relation to services we have been engaged to provide;
  • To provide legal advice to our clients, or for use in current or anticipated litigation in which our clients are or may be involved;
  • Internal accounting and administration;
  • To protect clients, individuals and us from fraud;
  • To help us identify, inform and educate clients and individuals about other services that might be beneficial to them, or to inform them about updates or changes to services previously acquired, or about changes to the law.  If you would prefer not to receive this information, please let us know and we will respect your request.

We may use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected, for reasonably expected secondary purposes which are related to the primary purpose and in other circumstances authorised by the Privacy Act.  Where we no longer require personal information for a permitted purpose, we will take reasonable steps to securely destroy it.

We may disclose personal information to external service providers but only so that they can provide the services that we have contracted out to them.  We do not knowingly store any information outside of Australia.  We will only transfer information to an organisation or individual in another country where this is necessary for the performance of our contract to provide legal services to our clients.  Such disclosures will be on the understanding that the recipient will abide by the requirements of the APPs and respect confidentiality, mainly to insurance underwriters based in United Kingdom, United States and Europe.

We will endeavour to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.  We encourage you to contact us in order to update any personal information we hold about you which you discover is not up to date.

You generally have a right to access the personal information we store about you unless it is subject to legal privilege.  We will have to verify your identity before meeting your requests, which we will process in a reasonable time.  A fee may be charged for more complex requests to provide access.  This will be based on the reasonable actual cost to us of meeting such requests.

We take reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information.  Our premises and data storage are housed in secure buildings with access restricted to authorised persons.  Our IT systems are secured inside firewalls and password protected and we conduct regular audit and data integrity checks.  We frequently update our anti-virus software in order to protect our systems (and the data contained in those systems) from computer viruses.  We periodically use secure methods of document destruction when information is no longer needed to be kept by us (such as after expiry of the Statute of Limitations for legal documents)

All employees are required, as a condition of employment, to treat personal information held by us as confidential.

When users visit our website, we may use “cookies” to provide us with aggregate (anonymous) information on how people use our website and for the purpose of helping us to know what they find interesting and useful on our website to allow us to improve content. These cookies are supplied by Google Analytics (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, and _utmz), and there are also some cookies by WordPress (wp-settings-, wp-settings-time-) which help with our web site navigation and preferences. We do not link this information back to user identity or other information that users have provided to us.  We do not store any information that identifies users inside cookies.  If you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your Web browser to refuse cookies.  Further information on Google Analytics can be found at

We treat privacy matters very seriously.  If you think that your privacy has been interfered with due to a breach of our obligations in relation to privacy, then you can complain directly to one of our Partners or contact us (see above).  If you are not satisfied with our response (which will be given within 30 days), we will advise you on your options for further proceeding with your complaint which includes referral to Alternative Dispute Resolution and finally the complaint may be taken to

From time to time it may be necessary for us to review and revise our privacy policy.  We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time.   We may effect changes to this privacy policy by posting an updated version on our website. If you want more detailed information then please ask your Relationship Partner or contact the Privacy Officer (see above for contact details).

This policy was last amended on 31 October 2016.